The file size of your image upload is limited to 100 Kb per image.

Depending on your account and the type of Listing, you may be allow to upload more images and larger image sizes.

If you have an image file that goes beyond the image upload size, please find a graphics program to compress the file size.  A free online program that we use is - it is like a Photoshop clone.

Here is an example of how an original photo at 7.8 MB (6720 × 4480 pixel) which was reduced down to 74 KB (400 × 267 pixel).  The original image would not have loaded because it was 7.8 MB - which is way over the max limit of 100 Kb.  To get the image under 100 Kb, the size was reduced to 400 pixels wide and 267 pixels high.  The new image was also saved as a JPG file with compression at 50%.

The final reduced image still has acceptable quality and resolution for most desktop and mobile displays -  at only 1% of the original size.